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Your Kid's Everyday Essentials

Your Kid's Everyday Essentials

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A great-tasting, lemon-flavored chewable multivitamin formulated for growing bodies!

A wide variety of vital micronutrients are needed for a growing child’s body. Micronutrients play a role in strengthening immune function, converting food into energy, detoxifying chemicals, manufacturing neurotransmitters and other key signaling molecules in the body, and maintaining tissue repair and cell regeneration.

Your Kid's Everyday Essentials is a chewable children’s multivitamin and mineral supplement that provides essential vitamins and minerals needed to support a growing child’s development. As a complete multivitamin, it includes high-quality nutrients to support a healthy micronutrient reserve. The great-tasting, natural lemon flavor makes achieving compliance easy.


Suggested Use:

Chew 4 tablets per day immediately before meals or as recommended by your health care professional


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